September 18th, 2015

Living Life As An Entrepreneurial Hero – Jeff Sandefer:

This article reminded me of a book I recently finished about becoming someone, more specifically, becoming who you’re meant to be and liberating yourself to achieve your dreams. I appreciate the heads up that being an entrepreneur is scary; being an entrepreneur is risky, stretching, but above all else – if done right – incredibly rewarding. I am drawn to entrepreneurship because I believe firmly that each person on Earth has powerful potential to achieve and I want my life to reflect that belief. I love the statement defining sacrifices required to be an effective entrepreneur in this article, “… it means giving up the belief that life owes you something, and instead, win or lose, being determined to never give up, no matter what obstacles get in your way. It means being powerful enough to live independently, but wise enough to surround yourself with people of good character and people you love.”
My perspective of entrepreneurship is that of a willingness to be vulnerable. I believe it is loving and believing enough in a cause or end result to lose yourself while simultaneously finding yourself in the achieving of it…and there is found the deepest satisfaction. Where you’re going determines the journey, but the journey is where progress and joy are found.

Your Whole Souls As an Offering Unto Him – David A. Bednar:

This is another reading that really stood out to me. As I listened to Elder (then President) Bednar speak I realized what a profound opportunity education is for development and expression of character. School is not something to be mastered or something to be checked off a list. School and education is one venue to be able to demonstrate skills that are essential not only in the work place, but also in spiritual and personal domains. This talk inspired me to evaluate my prerogatives and my motivation for learning. Am I truly seeking to learn, even if that is at the sacrifice of a high grade, or am I focused on achieving a letter grade? What are the merits to each of these incentives and how are they related? If I intend to homeschool my children, how can I help them understand how essential education is to every aspect of life?

Personal Branding – Reid Hoffman:

I loved the reminder from this video of how essential networking is. I’ve been told my whole life how important it is to work hard, create a good name, and maintain a reputation. I am grateful that I was taught how to interact in a polite and professional manner – this has helped me to have many opportunities for employment. For example, applying myself in my Sunday School class provided me with a job as a nanny/babysitter which is how I paid for much of my mission. Working dependably at Health & Harmony earned me a pay-raise and 3 years of full-time work enough to pay for my education. These opportunities have come as I have focused on speaking highly of those around me, avoiding negativity and gossip (including complaining), and worked to maintain integrity in all my interactions. Personal branding MATTERS and all aspects of life contribute, including personal interactions and social media. If I want to be considered a reliable source in essential oils that will take considerable investment of my personal time. Is that investment worth it? Absolutely. Even if I don’t enjoy every event I attend (meditation workshop), that has increased my repertoire and skill set for future references and inquiries.

Listening to Gordon B Hinkley speak reminded me that this life is so much more than having enough money or rushing to and fro fulfilling the requirements or standards others have set. My goal as an entrepreneur and person is to walk the path that Christ has shown. I want to be honest and full of love for myself, God, and all mankind. Last night after that meditation workshop I thought we had made a mistake and that we should have just stayed home and saved our money for things like blown tires. Now that I look back I can see how that was an opportunity to develop under stressful circumstances. It was an opportunity to reconnect and learn about what is most important. It was an opportunity to remember to breathe. Life isn’t about saving every penny possible, it is about giving freely (Blake giving his peanuts to the homeless man), connecting with others (speaking with our meditation neighbor/Emory friend), and giving and receiving service/communicating clearly and building relationships with those we love (asking for the car, misunderstandings with Blake’s mom, etc). It is my desire to constantly become and be filled with gratitude for ALL things.


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