September 24 2015

Today I watched a video about mantras versus mission statements. Guy Kawasaki spoke of fluffy words and misunderstood purpose in regards to mission statements, but suggested that mantras – 3 or 4 word power statements – effectively unify a team. This brief discussion led me to consider what my mission  statement is in life as opposed to my life’s mantra. What do I believe? What do I stand for? What brief phrase do I remember that helps me to stick to my life’s purpose each day? What comes into my mind when I am tired or overwhelmed? The well-thought-out answer to this is my mission statement. I’m quite confident my mission statement is laced throughout my journals and could be strung together into something quite lengthy and poetic, but as I consider what runs through my mind when I’ve just about had enough my life’s mantra comes quite simply, yet powerfully: W.W.J.D. What would Jesus do? Although I am sure I will be creating a specific mantra as I move forward in my entrepreneurial endeavors I hope that I never lose sight of my underlying life mantra…because, in the end, if I haven’t worked to align my life with His using that question as a gauge it won’t matter where I end up or what I’ve accomplished.


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