September 25 2015

The Ministry of Business – Steven Hitz/James Ritchie:

What a powerful book! I feel so much guidance and direction coming from this class and I am confident that my answer to what I’ve been praying about, specifically if I should drop a class this semester, is being answered in part through this book. I can look back on my life and see certain moments in time that have forever altered my eternal progress and journey. I’m learning to differentiate between specific actions that have made me who I am versus specific principles. Drawing this distinction has helped me to what practices are valuable to me versus what principles are essential in my life. Just as the gospel is the primary foundation for this book, so is it the primary foundation of my life – the driving force behind all I believe and do.

I never want to shy away from something because it appears to be, or in actuality is, DIFFICULT. And yet, I do not want to drive myself forward unnecessarily missing vital aspects of living. I believe God is helping me understand that part of the answer in how to walk that line is found in considering intention. Is my intention in taking a certain number of credits to simply prove I can do hard things? It is to learn effectively? Is it to rush through school and check that box as soon as possible? Alternatively, do I want to have more free time because I dislike pushing myself or out of fear of the unknown? What would I do with extra time if I had it and would those things truly affect my feelings of happiness and purpose? Who am I working to become and WHY? I know that as I honestly evaluate the answers to these questions I will be able to better hear the answer God has in store for me as I move forward. This semester is a perfect example of where I feel that a decision I make will potentially impact me in more ways that I can foresee.

As I sit here reading this book and recording my thoughts a young mom and her daughter walked through the doors of the school building I’m working in. The little girl looked up at her mom and said with a disappointed, slightly irritated tone to her voice, “This isn’t even fun!” I immediately considered whether I have a childish view of my life at the moment  and that I am looking up to my Father commenting, “this isn’t even fun!”. I’m sure the girls mother was coming here for a very specific purpose (possible even her own higher education) that far superseded a desire to be having “fun”. What are my ultimate desires and am I willing to walk unknown paths to get where God is leading me, even if the way is not always ideal in my mind? It is my goal to listen and act as is demonstrated by the Hinzes and to support and encourage my husband faithfully as is described by Steven in regards to his wife, Ginger.

What is Your Calling In Life? – Jeffery Thompson:
“We can’t expect deep meaningfulness from our calling unless we are willing to assume its burdens as well. You will be called upon to sacrifice. Don’t expect deep meaning without paying the price for it.”

Randy Pausche’s Last Lecture:
“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”
I believe that Randy Pausche was able to achieve so many of his dreams because he knew what they were. He focused on them since he was a young boy and was willing to make sacrifices to make it to his “star”. I’m sure it could have been easy for him to lose focus or direction when he was in school and times were hard, but because he had a clear idea of where he wanted to end up he was able to reach his end goal. I also think it’s valuable that he didn’t give up when he was first rejected by Disney. Failure and rejection are only setbacks if you view them as such…if viewed properly they can launch you forward as you achieve your dreams.

I absolutely believe that dreaming is important. My dreams drive me and help me feel that I am living each day with purpose. When I dream I start by viewing my world with no limitations and considering what I would do in a limitless world, and then once I have formulated my heart’s truest desires I am able to factor in reality and limitations that could possible come in the way of me achieving my dream. Being aware of possibilities that would deter me from achieving my goal helps me to prepare for what the future holds while remaining optimistic as I move forward. Life without a dream is mundane on the day-to-day and also overall. Without an end destination, the joy of the journey is easily lost.

One of my childhood dreams was to be a missionary. Amazingly, I was able to achieve this dream even sooner than I had anticipated when the age change was lowered to 19 instead of 21. What an impact the accomplishment of that dream has had on my life! Another dream I’ve had since I was a child is to publish a book. I’m currently taking a family history class and I am considering publishing my journals into a book. I believe this dream is very achievable and that if I make it a priority it will absolutely happen!


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