Thoughts on Business

This week I’ve been considering the balance between school (academics) and my personal life. I have worked hard to balance these two activities and have evaluated if I am “essentializing” my time the way I have learned from Greg McKeown. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a LOT I’m trying to do, between getting my bachelors online next summer, adjusting to being married, and starting a new job. All these adjustments and changes can be compared to owning a business or working as an employee in a business. There are so many aspects to balance and new procedures to learn and master in order to be continually progressing.

This week I felt overwhelmed on Saturday as I had a large amount of homework due. The spreadsheet activity took longer than I was hoping or expecting and I felt stretched to learn a new program and use additional resources to figure out answers and draw conclusions. I went from feeling inadequate to feeling confident that if I took the time to search out the answers that I had what I needed to be successful available to me. I felt so accomplished when I got a 100% on the quiz, meaning I had filled out my spreadsheet correctly!

During the CapSim simulations/tutorials I learned how much more manageable CapSim is going to be than I originally thought. I was nervous about starting any work on the website, but once I got going and was able to experiment I realized that I can work to study the strategies and material needed to be successful. This experience served as a mini-lesson about fear of the unknown and how debilitating it can be. Taking a step into the dark is often much less scary than peering through a partially opened door. This activity helped me see that I can do hard things and my courage turned to confidence.


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