October 2nd 2015

The Ministry of Business – The Value of Strong Mentors:

As I was reading this chapter I considered the mentors in my own life and how they have influenced me up until this point. A few that came to mind:
Amy Gregerson: My mom is one of the most influential people in my life. She continually seeks for truth. She is trusted by so many and improves others lives with her wisdom and knowledge. I can see so much of the foundation of who I am rooted in my mother.
Dave Gregerson: My dad is humble and diligent. He is optimistic and loves life. From this man I have learned that if you keep the commandments you will prosper in the land.
President & Sister Gilbert: My first impression of these two was when they spoke for the first time with President Gilbert as the BYU-Idaho president. They both came to the podium; I had never seen two speakers work so seamlessly and perfectly side-by-side. I was impressed with their dedication and enthusiasm as well as the strength of character radiating off them. I have learned so much about how I would desire to be with my spouse from my brief interactions with this couple. Because of their support and love for one another they are each enabled to raise their family in righteousness and serve God.
Anne of Green Gables: I don’t really care how ridiculous it may be that I have a fictitious person as one of my mentors – I would be lying if I didn’t say that this character from L.M.Montgomery’s book series hasn’t changed my life. Anne has taught me about to live an abundant life and truly love life. I’ve thought since I was a young girl how I wanted to be Anne Shirley when I grew up.
Larry & Kathy Gelwix: My mission president and his wife launched my growth as a young adult and propelled me forward in my work ethic and testimony. Larry Gelwix led us missionaries like he coached his rugby teams and I am a changed person forever because of it.

The Ministry of Business – Financial Fitness:

This chapter helped me to feel motivated in Blake & I’s budgeting goals. I just sacrificed a personal desire to attend a doTERRA class in Athens and I feel so renewed in my directive as a wellness advocate! I realized how my intentions are to use money as a tool to be enabled to serve and give. Practicing financial freedom is not about status and obtaining material wealth and possessions – it really is to provide freedom and peace of mind to work as a catalyst for all good things. I feel renewed in my determination to maintain our spreadsheet budget and to organize our money and create a savings account that is carefully regulated. I want to review my notes from my finances class last semester. I believe that money is a gift from God intended to bless and prosper His children. I am grateful for my firm testimony of tithing and that you will be blessed for paying the Lord as well as paying yourself (savings) for personal preparedness.


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