Tasteful Typography Project


Above is my final tasteful typography project. Below is the project as I worked on it in Word.

Tasteful Typography Screenshot

Process: As soon as this project was assigned I knew that I wanted to use one of our recently taken wedding pictures for my image. I decided to quote lyrics from “our song” to remind us of this special moment and special day. I designed this text and image to resonate with audiences of every age; I want this project to encourage and uplift a wide variety of viewers, whether you’re striving for a temple marriage or celebrating your 60th anniversary. I began by formatting my photo to a blank page in Microsoft Word 2016. I then chose various text boxes and backgrounds to display my title and text. I chose a script font for my title with correlating colors to those in the image and chose a contrasting sans serif for the text body so it would be eligible and not distract from the overall project. After completing my formatting process I converted my document to a PDF and then to a JPG file, which is how it is displayed above. Enjoy!

Critique: The first critique I received was from my husband after I showed him my first draft. He suggested I shadow behind the text box – it was originally transparent – so that the text popped a little more against the background. He also recommended I make our names sans serif and the “and” and formerly added date in script, but I tried his suggestion and felt the piece benefited most from the names being the focus. The second critique I received was from two class members on the facebook group. They reminded me of the text requirement/limitation, as well as the required proximity between my title and text body. I made all the changes they recommended. The third critique I received was from my teacher, Julie Peterson. She helped me to see how my title needed to have the line spacing adjusted as well as the alignment of my words to create more asymmetry. I implemented her suggestions and that has led me to the final result displayed above!

Image: My Own

Font: Title – Lucida Handwriting Bold, Script
Copy – Ariel Narrow, Sans Serif


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