5A Event Flier

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Event Flier Screenshot

Process: I knew that I wanted to have a bake sale be my fundraiser because I love to bake and Thanksgiving is coming up! I looked at many different dessert images, but decided on this one because it incorporates a top-selling fundraiser item with a common Thanksgiving table item as well. I searched for an image that had the color scheme I thought would best represent Thanksgiving and formatted the image to fit my screen. I chose to do my title the way it is to mimic the lattice work of the pie top. I also used varying colors of green in my text box behind “Fundraiser” to mimic the rings on the plate. I chose sans serif fonts for the whole piece to keep the emphasis on the text so the audience wouldn’t get distracted from the message with difficult to read font. Once I knew I wanted a traditional holiday appeal I inserted the image I chose into Word and added the text!

Critique Process: My first two critiques were from fellow classmates on the facebook page. They suggested that I edit some of the text to take the “th” off the number 14 and also to simplify the “why” description. It was also recommended that I remove the lines coming from “fundraiser” but I chose to leave them there as part of my design. I also received a critique from Sister Peterson. She recommended I adjust my body type to make it more legible as well as condense it so there is more white space. She suggested that I align the “F” in fundraiser with the rest of my date, time, location, etc. and also that I take the green bar behind “fundraiser” all the way off the left side of the page. I implemented almost all the recommendations made and above is the final product!

Color Scheme: Complementary; red and green

Fonts: Cooper Hewitt Regular (Sans Serif), Cooper Hewitt Lite (Sans Serif)

Link to Image: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1834838/images/o-PIE-facebook.jpg


6 thoughts on “5A Event Flier

  1. This flier looks great! I love the vibrant colors chosen in your color scheme. The two asymmetrical rectangles catch the eye and direct it toward the body copy. Also, the vertically-aligned “bake sale” print is creative and well-done. The project looks sharp. –I saw interesting design elements used in Brian’s project. You can view it at:


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