Perseverance – James E Faust:

This message really spoke to me. As I read I felt motivated and inspired by those stories that were told about perseverance. Blake has mentioned to me a few times how he just functions off sheer will power sometimes. He says he just trusts 100% that something is going to happen or not happen, and regardless of whether it logically makes sense or not he just moves forward in confidence and with faith. I’ve always felt I was a fairly faithful person, but when he makes comments like that I feel doubt creeping in as my logical, prepared side emerges and I feel uncomfortable with his methodology. As I read about perseverance I considered what I persevere at and why. Do I persevere at studying the scriptures daily? Do I persevere at learning new things at work even if I feel overwhelmed sometimes? Do I persevere at improving my character or playing piano or exercising? As I’ve reflected I’ve found personal meaning and love as my main motivations behind my perseverance. I want to work to translate that aspect of perseverance to my confidence in problem solving. I feel I could definitely improve in developing an optimistic, determined attitude when complications or set-backs arise. I want to be able to say that I get back up each time I fall.

A Hero’s Journey – Jeff Sandefer:

I appreciate the instruction of my parents and also the gospel principles in my life that have developed in me a sense of self confidence and worthiness. I can see so clearly how enabled I am to fulfill my life mission because of the base that I am functioning from – a base that has taken years of parent’s sacrifice and instruction to build. My own choices have also aided where I am today and I am grateful for the choices I have made to help guide me on my journey. When Jeff Sandefer mentioned that deep down he wondered if he had what it takes to be successful I honestly evaluated my own fears and realized, with gratitude, that that fear is not present for me. I have firm faith in God’s ability to make all things possible for me if I am willing to put forth the effort and diligence required to get where I’m going. But Sandefer’s second deep down worry resonated with me: he was afraid that if he became successful he would lose is soul in the process. Somewhere inside me I have a fear that I cannot be wealthy or successful without losing elements of humility and gratitude. This concern is something I will take time to pray to better understand and then to overcome.
“The Hero’s journey is all about you, but it’s not about you at all.
Live as if every moment of life matters – because it does. Live as if you have a unique and important life mission – because you do. What matters most isn’t the prize in the end, but how the hero is changed in the process. Making money is hard, but it’s not complicated.”
1- Have I contributed something meaningful?
2- Was I a good person?
3- Who did I love along the way and who loved me?
TO DO: Ask 5 people you know well what you do better than anyone else in the world. Press for specifics.
What really stood out to me from Sandefer’s message was not comparing yourself to others and finding satisfaction with my own progress and improvement. There will always be people who are smarter and more hard working than me. Being on top is not the ideal goal, but to learn and change. The goal is to love others and improve their lives with the talents God has given. This reminds me of Holland’s talk about the laborers in the vineyard. I am confident that I will progress as an entrepreneur and individual as I turn outward and remember “it’s all about me but not about me at all.”

So far this semester I have learned so much about introspection and self reflection. I have been able to take certain stepping stones that have led me closer to achieving my goal of enabling and educating families. I have confidence as I move forward that I will be becoming who God would have me be and I am grateful.


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