6A Slide Design Project

Link to the Talk: http://kevinhinckley.com/userfiles/files/busche_fenzio_1996_05.pdf


Content: I have been inspired by this talk given by F. Enzio Busche since I first heard it quoted by my mission president. I have often played a clip recorded from this talk when I need inspiration and direction. The purpose of the original talk was to emphasize how essential it is to be under the complete influence of the Holy Ghost. To do this, Busche outlines specific traits or qualities that can be developed that will allow the Holy Ghost to be a constant companion. Busche is speaking to the students attending BYU in May of 1996. The color scheme I chose for the slides follows the triadic scheme including brick, indigo, and lime.

Talk Title: Unleashing the Dormant Spirit
Presenter: F. Enzio Busche
Date Given: 14 May 1996


Critique Report: I received three critiques via the facebook group. I found these classmates’ comments to be so helpful! They reminded me of the word limit and suggested I tweak the font formatting a little bit. I implemented all of their suggestions. I also received a critique from Sister Peterson; she recommended I shrink the “supporting text” under the emphasized word to create some more definition. She also mentioned centering the text in the shadow boxes. I loved getting everyone’s feedback and really feel their suggestions improved the final project!

Links to Image Sources:

Title: Font Name – Lucida Calligraphy, Category – Script
Font Name – Lucida Sans, Category – Sans Serif


6 thoughts on “6A Slide Design Project

  1. Courtney, I was impressed with your slide presentation. I thought your choice of strong pictures really helped relay Elder Busche’s message. Your choice of typography was nice and also enhanced the slides. I am a great fan of Elder Busche, and miss him and his wonderful messages. You might enjoy Chelsea Dade Cook’s slide presentation, she also used strong images to help convey her message. https://1creativecookie.wordpress.com/category/comm125/design/


  2. Courtney, I really liked your slide presentation and how the pictures brought meaning to the message that you wanted to portray. I have never heard of this talk before, but will need to look at it. I also loved your typography and I liked the design element that you used. I think my favorite picture is the girl with the teat going down her cheek. Great job. When you have a moment you should check out Casey’s site: https://sunbeamsandskateboards.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/slide-design-project/comment-page-1/#comment-9


  3. I really like the spiritual nature of the slide and the positive message it provides. I really likes the artistic elements that you used to showcase your typography. really pulls the pictures together. the message of becoming more Christ like has really helped me and the message that you chose is filled with true principles. thank you for sharing.
    if you want to check mine out its


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