Moving Forward with a Driving Passion

Hands-down the most interesting aspect of this lesson for me was the concept of sharpening my saw. I see so much merit to this way of thinking and I am grateful for the advice shared by Steven Covey to be continually looking for opportunities to excel in every area of life. To practice when you feel you’ve already achieved a certain level of accomplishment demonstrates determination as well as pleasure in the very act of practice. I so appreciate how he broke down our development into spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. This kind of compartmentalization really helped me to see areas where I could use some improvement and also areas I naturally “sharpen” on a regular basis without really taking into consideration that that’s what I’m doing. I want to improve in my daily learning and find new ways to sharpen in regards to business development that lasts much longer than this class.

I also appreciated the video on wealth not being all it’s cracked up to be. This spurred a conversation between my husband and I about finding joy in the journey. We discussed how wonderful it is to just truly seek to absorb all the joys and lessons life has to offer each step of the way and to express gratitude regardless of present understanding.


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