8A Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Tedeschi Wellness
Objective: To raise awareness about new wellness packages designed to be budget-friendly and attract new patients to events already being hosted.
Strategy: Create a clean, modern design to promote new packages and attach a hashtag that links to details about the new packages and wellness club. Also, promote current events being held by attaching hashtag and linking viewer to facebook page where they can receive more details.

I made these designs using Microsoft Word to promote a new series of wellness packages and budget-friendly health plans that have recently been developed by Tedeschi Wellness. I wanted to create clean, modern design graphics to draw in the viewers’ attention and convey the message that Tedeschi Wellness is fresh and continually striving to address the needs of their patients. Tedeschi Wellness is a holistic chiropractic office with additional services offered including aromatherapy massage, detoxification footbaths, and light therapy.  The purpose of the promotion is to attract a new demographic of patients who are looking for affordable alternative healthcare. The hashtag promotion is something that hasn’t been done before at Tedeschi Wellness, so I felt it was appropriate in relation to the new visuals and freshly launched discount packages.

Here are a few examples of the Instagram posts I designed for this promotion:

Promo shot 1   Promo shot 3

Promo shot 2   TeaNT

To create these posts I found high-resolution pictures that I thought represented the promotion well. I copied these images into a blank word document and made them full-bleed. I decided to use text boxes and shaded boxes to create a clean, fluid design for each of the three promotional pieces. The fourth picture is an example of promoting current events that the office is currently hosting using a simple and powerful image and incorporating the promotion’s hashtag to raise awareness.

Here is a screenshot of all 5 of my posts in Instagram (the last one is unrelated):
Instagram Screenshot

Critique: I received critiques on Facebook that helped me to be sure my images were harmonious and that they contained similar elements and text that would draw the reader back to the message being conveyed and make it clear that each is connected to the “wellness club” promotion. I also received a critique from my husband who recommended I use less text and let the images really shine through. This suggestion was supported by my teacher, Julie Peterson, and I modified each of my images to have minimal wording, yet enough to spark interest.

Image Sources:

Typography Names and Categories:
Image 1: Ariel Narrow – Sans Serif, Ariel – Sans Serif
Image 2: Berlin Sans FB – Sans Serif, Alex Brush – Script
Image 3: Lucida Sans Unicode – Sans Serif, Allura – Script
Image 4: Archido Narrow – Sans Serif
Image 5: Berlin Sans FB – Sans Serif


3 thoughts on “8A Social Media Marketing Project

  1. Courtney I really like the images you chose and agree that less is more. The photos are beautiful and should be the focus like you made them. I like the consistency of the hashtag in each one as well. The last image of the steaming cup of tea is nice with just the hashtag and letting the post text do the work for you.

    Have you seen Cody’s project yet? He focused on beauty. https://adventuretimecom.wordpress.com/


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