9A Photographic Study Project

For this project I took 12 different pictures of the same subject. I decided to photograph two Korean ducks we received for a wedding present. Supposedly they represent how we are doing in our relationship; if the ducks are facing one another they are agreeing, but if one or both are turned away there is a disagreement that needs to be addressed. I thought these ducks would make a dynamic subject with their vibrant colors and unique design.

Here are a few close-up images that I took:
CourtneyLindner-body CourtneyLindner-bottom CourtneyLindner-contrast CourtneyLindner-distance CourtneyLindner-shadow CourtneyLindner-sky

I edited these images in Adobe Photoshop, adjusting the brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. The goal was the capture images from various angles and viewpoints and I feel that I accomplished that goal with this photoshoot. I exported each photo to my computer after editing and then made the following collage with the remaining pictures:


Here is an additional photo I worked on in photoshop using the layers and blending techniques. The textured photo was of a red pillow and I placed it over the shadowed picture of one of the ducks.



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