Dream Big Dreams

This has certainly been an interesting week with my dad losing his job as a mechanical engineer after 26 years with the same company. I’ve never considered that he could or would lose his job – all my life his profession has seemed so secure. It’s been interesting to see how his mentality has shifted and how he is evaluating starting his own company or joining another established business. One option offers more flexibility and creativity, while the latter offers financial security (supposedly) and established resources and networking opportunities. I’ve heard as my parents have considered and weighed the pros and cons. These discussions have really helped me to see the benefits of entrepreneurship as well as the potential stresses. I feel such a sense of freedom with following my dreams, but I am not ignorant to the risks and responsibility. It’s nice to feel taken care of, but after seeing my dad laid off after giving his best for 26 years I feel so much more liberated to have confidence in moving forward pursuing my passions.

My favorite article I read this week was by Dallin H Oaks. His clarification between doing and becoming helped me to see how following my dreams plays a role in my eternal becoming. If I am willing to be dedicated and really stretch myself to do something I love I will be contributing to the world in a way that isn’t as possible within the confines of aiding someone ELSE in pursuing THEIR dream. I know that entrepreneurship is about so much more than successful business running; entrepreneurship is about becoming. It requires reliance on the Lord and constant counsel with Him about how to move forward. I feel confident that the way I chose to live my life professionally will play a large role in the development of my eternal identity and becoming.


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