Measuring the Cost

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness:
“A hero’s journey requires you to find your most precious gifts and to use them doing something you enjoy in the service of something larger than yourself.” What a beautiful concept! I can sense to satisfaction and thrill that comes with this philosophy. Breaking this quote down I want to evaluate how I will be able to start on my hero’s journey. How do I become aware of my most precious gifts? Do I know what they are and have I prayed for them to be fully realized and enhanced? I appreciate the activities from my entrepreneurship class that have led me on my hero’s journey as I have evaluated what drives my passion. How will I continue to develop and discover those precious gifts? What are activities I enjoy? How can I enable my passions and transform them into action? I am grateful for the gospel. Any time I participate in service or loving God I am participating in something larger than myself. I feel incredibly satisfied with my life. I have learned from times where I felt restless or discouraged and I have been able to ask myself what is my own PERSONAL formula for happiness? The keys are always shown to me by my Father in Heaven as I speak with Him in humble prayer and cultivate moments of pondering and quiet when he can answer me.

What is my attitude toward money?
I am so grateful for parents who have helped me to view money as an asset. I absolutely believe that money is a gift from God to bless lives and provide opportunities for service. I believe that money is flowing and that giving does not mean having less. I believe that being a proper steward of money is just a reflection of what kind of steward you are with the life you have been given. I believe that money comes to me in increasing quantities from many venues as I focus on God’s will and attribute my prosperity to Him. I have consecrated my gain to Him and His work.

How can your view of money affect the way you live?
Living from a place of scarcity minimizes generosity and freedom. I feel liberated to love and give freely as I believe that principles of honesty, hard work, and obedience will ensure that I will be provided for. My view of money creates freedom and peace of mind.

What rules are recommended for prospering?
Pay yourself after you “pay the Lord”. Save for a rainy day. Give generously and exercise faith in paying tithes and offerings. Only use credit cards when the debt accumulated can be paid off in full by the due date. Invest and be patient; don’t cheat the system. Develop a working budget and exercise self control. Change the lens through which you view money.



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