11A Webpage Layout Project


11A-ShapeMap-CourtneyLindner                        IMG_2603[1]

This project was so much fun! I was working in Photoshop to design a custom website home page. I sketched a general outline after brainstorming ideas for the title (farm name), images, and what message I was trying to convey. I wanted the design to be very simple and clean cut with simple color scheme incorporating a lot of white and have the pictures of food really pop since the page is designed around food. My audience is local families, individuals, and co-ops. After the sketch I designed an outline in photoshop. I ended up adjusting the sketch and outline a little to accommodate what I felt was best once I began inserting text and images, but I followed the general idea.

I gathered critique from my husband first, who helped me to choose the background color using the sky and grapes. I also got critique from my classmates in the facebook group. Hillary Amosa recommended I move the logo on the header in to the left so it wasn’t touching the side creating a tangent, which I did. Carrie Clark recommended I shrink the size of my font, so I made that adjustment as well.


Title – AR Christy, decorative
Sub-title – Archivo Narrow, sans script
Body – Microsoft PhagsPa Regular, sans script

Color Scheme: Tetradic, Blue, Green, Orange, Red



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