12A Magazine Spread Draft Critique

For this project I wrote a story about how to adjust to newlywed life emphasizing three points. I wanted the design to be simple and clean. I sketched out a few options and included the sketch of the layout I decided was the best fit (below). I also made a shape map in InDesign (below) with image boxes and placeholder text, as well as including my color scheme (monochromatic: black, white, grey). I made the images silhouettes so they wouldn’t distract from the message. I used InDesign to fill in my text and images appropriately.

12A Magazine Spread (final draft)


12A Magazine Shape Map (final)  IMG_2606[1]

Critique: I did a video critique with Shelyn Gibb that was very helpful! We met on Friday afternoon over skype and displayed our printed drafts. She recommended that I remove the type boxes and gradients that I had originally and do columns instead, which is more similar to typical Ensign articles. I made that adjustment and definitely agree that the magazine spread looks better that way. She also recommended that I add a little “monochromatic” color within the color scheme of black and white, so I added a slightly purple/mauve color with grey undertones to the text and the background of the left page. I also received a reminder critique from a facebook classmate to remove the hyphens, so I also reformatted and did that. The final result is posted above!

Fonts: Title/Header: Janda Stylish Script (Script)
Sub-header/Body: Archivo Narrow (Sans Serif)

Image Sources:


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