13A Final Portfolio

Process: I really enjoyed this project! I got to go back and review the work I’ve done this semester and see how much I’ve learned about typography, colors, design principles, and also the variety of programs I’ve worked with including Word, InDesign, Lightroom, Powerpoint, and Photoshop. I wanted this design to be a clean, simple demonstration of my various projects from the semester. Enjoy!

Critique: I received a critique from Regina Hull over facebook and she recommended that I make the line consistent on each slide, which I implemented. She also recommended I adjust my font size, which I did to add some contrast with the typography and highlight my name. I didn’t receive a critique from any other member of the class, but I asked my husband for his input and he recommended that I keep the call to action on the last slide straight forward to match the three key words I chose to highlight me as a potential employee. I chose to make that adjustment and I feel that it helps with the flow of the whole presentation.


4 thoughts on “13A Final Portfolio

  1. Great job on your final portfolio. I love seeing these all come together. I like what you have done with your portfolio. Your personality comes through in your designs and it is fun to see your personal touch on your designs. Excellent work!


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