A Journey of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude – Thomas S Monson:
Elder Monson shares in this message ways to express gratitude. I appreciate the individuals he highlighted in this message: mother, father, teacher, friend, and Christ. I am filled with much understanding and gratitude as I think of my mother and her sacrifice. She is one of the most saintly, beautiful individuals I know. She is consistently developing Christlike attributes and shedding light on how I can live to be the happiest and serve the best I can. My father is an ideal companion for my mother. He has instilled in me confidence and unconditional love. He is one of the most wholehearted individuals I know. Teachers and mentors in my life have molded me and appeared at many different periods exactly when I needed them. In conclusion, as I reflect on the life and mission of my Savior I am overwhelmed with gratitude. How can I express this gratitude? I can serve my brothers and sisters. I can love and forgive them. I can be obedient to His commandments and keep my covenants.

Avoid the Wrong Job – Stan Christensen:
-Don’t do things you think others want to see (resume building). Do things you’re passionate about and you’ll find someone or somewhere that is like-minded and appreciates your work and passion. Don’t try to out-guess your “potential employers”. Live your passions, be good at what you do, and network. You get to tell your story.
-Pick a job you think is fun and that you enjoy. Don’t sign up for something that’s “painful” just so you can move forward and get to another job or move up on the ladder.
-You don’t have to pick your career now. Average first job: 11 months. Subtract anxiety of first job out of school being your life’s answer.
-Specializing isn’t always beneficial. Broad understanding and ability to learn. Specializing becomes irrelevant as time progresses.

I appreciate the emphasis this week on seeking opportunities. I needed some help identifying real opportunities as opposed to ideas and I feel confident that as my husband and I continue to develop ideas we can use resources to formulate those ideas into opportunities.


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