B283 – Week 3

I learned from President Hinkley about humility in the office you sustain. He started his talk mentioning that he was overwhelmed and humbled by the honor of having a building named after him. He spoke of his desire to live up to the honor. He also referred to the Ricks family, the founders of Ricks College, and how they had so humbly agreed to have their namesake removed from the college as it transitioned to a 4-year school and became Brigham Young University – Idaho. These were examples to me of how I would want to be as a business leader. I have witnessed a few entrepreneurs and business owners who are humble and grateful in all they do. They are quick to recognize others and express gratitude for all those who contribute to make the company or organization great. They forego their ego in regards to their position and see their business as a conglomerate of dedicated, hard-working, faithful partners. My favorite line he says is, “There’s no end in sight for the good you could do…you’re not geniuses, I know that. But the work of the world isn’t done by geniuses. It’s done by ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary way. Don’t sell yourselves short.”

From a Visionary Business I really loved the idea of keeping people, planet, and profit in equal proportions. With the business I am interested in doing I intend to do these things. I feel a responsibility and devotion to each of these characteristics, some for personal reasons and others for eternal reasons. I am grateful for this advice and look forward to implementing it in all I do as I live my dreams.

My favorite idea from the videos I watched was that of Marissa Mayer from Google. She spoke about how Google focuses on gathering ideas from everyone and everywhere. She said they come from engineers, corporate, and users. This technique allows for innovation to be capitalized upon. I think this is very useful in business so there isn’t a “top heavy” approach within the company where the owners or leaders do the creative work and the people “lower on the totem pole” do the grunt work to make those ideas happen. Google works as a cooperative gleaning from everyone which helps everyone have their thinking cap on at all times because who knows whose idea will become the next big thing?

I was very touched and inspired by the Action Hero video of Tim Monaghan. I think the way he lived his life is profoundly inspiring and a true example of Christlike behavior. I believe God will support me in achieving my dreams and generating large amounts of money as long as I dedicate my work and the results to Him and building His kingdom as I have covenanted to do. I want to look for ways to develop that attitude and spirit even now so that I will naturally desire to do good and be good wherever my entrepreneurial journey takes me.

I was also intrigued by the Special Report on Entrepreneurship article we read and how it reviewed the state of entrepreneurship in a number of different countries. Since coming to live at Georgia Tech with my husband we have come in contact with many, many students from around the world and from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. I want to develop relationships with these individuals and come to understand their dreams and goals, what fuels them, and their way of life. Cultural diversity is one of the most eye-opening and enlightening elements of development and I want to find ways to share with the other cultures of the world and learn from what they do well and where their strengths lie.

This week I decided what I want to do for my $100 challenge. I want to create a mothers-helper business! I even had my first chance to work with a family who just had a baby. I not only earned my first money towards my $100, but I was able to explain what I am working on and start to spread the word to generate business. I had a lot of fun and look forward to all that I will learn this semester with this project!


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