B283 – Week 6

In Praise of the Purple Cow:
“If you’re remarkable then it’s likely some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” -Seth Godin

I really liked this quote. I reminds me to keep continuing on with what I’m doing. Keep pioneering a way, even when I get negative feedback or hear someone speaking poorly of my decision or of my area of expertise. I am CONFIDENT there are people who are looking for what I have to offer and that is what I must cling to as I strive to market something truly remarkable. A purple cow of my very own.

Blog – The Entrepreneurial Mind
This week I watched a video that was posted to The Entrepreneurial Mind blog. It was an interview with two young entrepreneurs who had started a company to book events through the internet. It was interesting to hear how they observed a need in society and then looked for a way to address that need simply and cheaply. They have spread throughout the Southeast and have plans to expand further. I was most impressed with their flexibility and how they tried many different things to find what worked best, from changing their name to how their services functioned and how they offered their services. I think this high level of versatility is what creates success, not just having a bolt of lightning inspiration or “big idea” but little observations, experiments, and innovations all along the way.

Know Thyself and Niche Thyself – Guy Kawasaki
This video reminded me the importance of finding my own unique voice and drawing on my strengths and individual skill set to offer a one-of-a-kind product or service. The goal is to be “high and to the right” which represents a product that everyone wants and you are the only producer. Developing a niche is much like branding in marketing. Developing an idea of who you are marketing to and how others can best remember you apart from others.

$100 Challenge: Elevator Pitch
From this activity I learned how to present my ideas for my business very concisely and with effective marketing techniques. I think creating an elevator pitch for any service I offer or business I’m working for will really increase my comfort levels of being able to talk with anyone about what I do in a very short amount of time. I think people are drawn to this kind of interaction because it doesn’t cost them anything and won’t bore them due to the length. I learned what I can chop out of my elevator pitch to make it more effective and also to always offer something at the end (business card) or ask if the person is interested or knows someone who would be interested.


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