B283 – Week 8

Leadership with small “L” – Kim B Clark:
The three principles of leadership that President Clark shares are
1- Lead by example
2- Lead with vision
3- Lead with love
This talk really highlighted the role of leadership in the home. I appreciate that because being a mother is my number one goal and priority. My husband and I don’t have children yet but we are preparing to do so every day in how we treat one another, the habits we develop, and through building a relationship with Heavenly Father. I know that the ultimate form of leadership is in the home as I guide my family in paths of righteousness and seek to grow each day as I progress towards keeping my covenants and becoming as the Savior.

Disciple Preparation Center – David A Bednar:
This talk really resonated with me because I remember so distinctly my time spent in the MTC preparing to serve a mission. I often felt overwhelmed, exhausted, delighted, and spiritually uplifted. After reading Elder Bednar’s comparisons between BYUI and the MTC I see so many similarities. I often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, delighted, and spiritually uplifted in my studies. It is a matter of determination and perseverance to keep going, but my character and life habits are changing for the better as a result. I feel encouraged and uplifted as I think of ways I can transform my academic experience into my disciple preparation time.

Jesus, The Perfect Leader:
One of the things that really stood out to me the most from this talk was when Christ was described as a good listener. This is a principle I’m really trying to work on as I communicate with others. I don’t want to interrupt or simply HEAR people, but truly listen for understanding, compassion, and out of love. Christ loved His followers so much He was able to be candid with them and encourage and support them in their discipleship journey.

Enchantment Video – Guy Kawasaki:
1- Likeability.
Improve your smile! Learn how to dress. Dress equal to the audience which improves likeability. Have a great handshake. Maintain eye contact, grip firmly, smile a REAL smile.
2- Trustworthiness
Trust people and they will trust you; you are responsible to trust FIRST. Bakers VS Eaters. Eaters think their gain is other’s loss. Bakers think how they can make something bigger, yummier, and better. Always think “how can I help this person?”
3- Get Ready
Create something that is deep, intelligent, complete, empowering, and elegant.
4- Make your brand and position short, sweet, and swallowable
5- Create a pre-mortem
Before you ship PRETEND your company has failed. Approach the team and brainstorm all the reasons your product might have failed and in unemotional ways talk about how you could eliminate these reasons.
6- Tell a story
Why did you start? Why do you do what you do? People are inspired by stories.

$100 Project:
For my $100 project I have worked on creating fliers and sharing them with apartment managers and also individuals I have spoke with. I am trying to figure out how to better market to others and also having  a hard time meeting people. I just moved here the second week of January and have had a hard time meeting people. Since my project requires a degree of trust (watching children), I am trying to look for opportunities to build my reputation and also spread the word. The marketing component of this project has been very hard for me! I have had one job offer that went very well. I had someone who was interested offer to put the fliers up at her children’s school, so hopefully there will be some traction there.


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