B283 – Week 9

Journey to Higher Ground – Joseph B. Wirthlin:
I love the analogy of higher ground presented in this talk. Elder Wirthlin has always been one of my favorite general authorities. I feel that the invitation to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and journey to higher ground is often as difficult as it must have been for the people in Indonsia to believe a fisherman that a tsunami was coming. Faith and trust are required to follow those who are leading us to higher ground. Prophets are given to guide and motivate us as we seek for direction in how to rise out of the danger zones of daily life to a higher and more sacred ground. This talk also got me thinking about how those who prosper often grow prideful and turn away from being true followers of Christ. This week my husband and I watched the John Tanner story and how many thousands he gave until his family was essentially broke. His generosity with his prosperity is inspiring. I would feel honored to do well in my business so that I am enabled to serve God by providing financial means for others. I believe that money can be a form of service and giving it can be an act of love. I believe that financial freedom enables those who have it to serve and give, uplift and support their brothers and sisters on Earth.

Blog – 8 Tips to Become a Millionaire:
A few that really stood out to me that I want to work on:
-Invest your money so that it grows itself
-Automatically insert a portion of your paycheck into savings (10% investments, 5% savings)
-Associate with millionaires. Actively seek mentors and continually learn from them.
-Upgrade your knowledge and skills. Consume knowledge like air and be a lifelong learner.

Who to Hire Video – Guy Kawasaki:
Hire “infected” people. These are the people who LOVE the product or service. In many cases, most people focus on those who have the requirements and proven success. Look for characteristics and attributes that will create success and make it a top priority that they LOVE what they do and are passionate. Hire better than yourself. Don’t try to be the best at everything; learn to manage people who are the best at what they do.

Hiring the Right People – Mark Zuckerberg:
1. Raw Intelligence – the ability to figure things out rapidly and adjust
2. In line with what you’re trying to do – match culture

$100 Challenge
This past week I had the opportunity to babysit and get some hands-on experience with my project! It was great to see where I have some kinks I need to work out, like better clarifying my payment options. I also plan to make a flier that I can post around my apartment complex for babysitting services and I will need to calculate the cost of printing those fliers into my budget, which I did not do originally with my business plan. Overall things are going well! Very slow, but I am thinking of ways to increase business and improve marketing.


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