B283 – Week 11

5 Things the Best Leaders do Daily – Blog:
1. Praise often and in public. Recognize those on your team and congratulate them! Pour lots of good energy into those who are progressing and performing.
2. Send employees out with a roadmap. Be sure your employees know what is expected of them and how to do it. Help them to plan out their days and then support and guide them.
3. Capture feedback and actually use it. Actively seek the opinion and advice of others. Demonstrate publicly that you are making changes based on the opinions and suggestions of those you work with.
4. Cultivate a positive workplace culture. Make where you work a fun place to be. Create workplace traditions and talk about the WHY of your culture and the HOW of developing it. 5. Know your people. Understand your employees’ and work partner’s needs and expectations. Communicate your own with them. Support where they fall short and help them to see how they can improve and ask for feedback from others as well.

Steve Jobs:

I think I learned the most this week from our study of Steve Jobs. I felt so inspired listening to and reading his advice. He is an amazing man who humbly and quietly has changed the world. His attitude towards his work is driven by passion for what he does, not a need to become famous or to have others look to him as an expert, although he has accomplished both. He has left a footprint on the world that will last forever.

$100 Project:
This week I have had two opportunities with my $100 dollar project. I have very much enjoyed helping mothers to accomplish tasks around their home and I’ve also enjoyed getting to know children. This week I made a decision to babysit a family for free since the parents were going to the temple to chaperone for a youth activity. I felt that since they were doing a service I could too. This experienced helped me to see how I can serve others even in small ways with any business I do.



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