B283 – Week 12

Family Business 

This week I learned so much about family business! I learned about how to prepare for starting a family business and how to pass the business on to those who come after you. I found it really interesting the details of organization involved in owning a family business. I hadn’t thought of how it would be easy for family members and friends to expect jobs even if they weren’t qualified, which would lower the overall value of the company or business.

In my family there are a few family businesses, but one comes to mind in particular. My cousin and her husband own a tutoring company: FAST Mentoring. They have hired many, many family members to tutor for them, run their front desk, etc. but they have set very high standards and expectations. The work is not easy, but the pay is very good and the environment is awesome. I’ve worked with them in the past and it feels good to work with and support family.

$100 Project:

This week for my $100 project I branched out and expanded my business a little. I had originally limited my mothers-helper services to cooking, cleaning, and child care but this past week I was offered work as an office assistant for a home health-coaching business. I enjoyed the work very much and feel the pay was very fair for the amount of work that I did. My schedule has been filling up and I have found it difficult to balance my heavy school load, but I have found it interesting to see what opportunities have come with this business and how I can expand it in the future. I am looking forward to compiling all of my information into a slideshow!


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