B283 – Week 13

Failure – Michael Jordan:

I loved this short yet powerful message. I often feel overwhelmed when I fail. I feel discouraged or that maybe I’m just not cut out for the work I’ve chosen, but this message reminds me that the ultimate failure truly is giving up. This past Sunday someone gave a talk and referred to the strengthening power of the Atonement. The sister who was speaking said that weaknesses are gifts from God so that we can learn to come to Him and become as He is. I felt so encouraged as I listened and remembered how often I have become better as I have worked on my weaknesses and overcome my  moments of “failure” through Him. Michael Jordan is right. Because you’re willing to fail over and over and over again…that’s why you succeed.

Life = Risk Video:
I really enjoyed this video as well! This video reminded me that failure is a result of living life and trying new things. I’m working to reject the idea that failing is a threat to me and my success. Failing means I put myself out there and attempted something great. It means I can learn what went wrong and try again with more experience.

$100 Challenge
I can’t believe the work is done for the $100 challenge project! I so enjoyed this project. I feel that I really learned a lot about projecting myself and marketing my business. I learned how to spread the word and what kinds of tool are required to effectively get new customers. I was able to identify future expansion opportunities. I definitely plan to continue with this business after this class! I have made a substantial income that I am donating to charity now, but in the future I will be able to use those funds to circulate in my business and also support my family. I am so grateful for this class and the opportunity to launch a project I truly enjoy.




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