Week 1 Journal

Marriage & Family Chapter 1:
I really enjoyed this week’s reading! I reflected on the social tendencies that I observe towards marriage. In my interactions with others I’ve noticed that those who aren’t married have very high, sometimes unrealistic, ideals for their future marriage. As I’ve spoken with those who are still waiting for marriage I’ve tried to emphasize the importance of pre-marriage dating and true courtship and understanding what to look for, as well as post-marriage dating and courtship to continue fostering a relationships of love and understanding.

In the eyes of the world I was married very young at 22, but in contrast with some of my LDS peers I was relatively old. It’s fascinating to me how much the culture of my religion affects perspective on what is normal and expected. I very much believe it is important to counsel with trusted advisers and most importantly Heavenly Father before committing to the life-long and eternal pursuit of marriage.

Goals and Objectives for this Class:
This semester I hope to gain a greater understanding of the components necessary to build a successful, fulfilling, and lasting marriage. My relationship with my spouse is something I hold so dear and I am very interested in continually striving to understand ways to improve, communicate more effectively, and grow in our respect and understanding of one another.

I look forward to learning about conflict management as well as individual practices that enhance the marriage relationship. I feel it is very important to individually find fulfillment through cultivating dreams, ambitions, goals, and talents as well as growing together as a couple. I want to better understand how to maintain a healthy sense of autonomy from my spouse so I can be personally satisfied while still engaging in intimate and unifying activities and grow to “become one” with him. I have a testimony that marriage is a divine institution that allows for incredible growth and character development and I hope this course helps me to channel that growth and implement new perspectives and practices to improve my most valuable relationship.


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